Embroidery Resources

This page is a work in progress.  Thanks for checking it out!  Note that I only recommend products and shops that I personally use and love!  This page does not contain affiliate links.  

Glossary of Stitchy Terms and Slang: 

  • Rotation – While some stitchers prefer to work on one project until it’s complete, others have a “rotation” of projects that they work on.  This can be a set rotation (i.e. this week one, next week another) or more free (i.e. pick up the project that speaks to you that day)
  • SAL – stitch-a-long – A group posting regular updates of their progress on a project, usually the same project or variations on a theme.  Sometimes this is hosted by a pattern designer who releases the patterns in sections, as you go.
  • UFO – unfinished object – an incomplete project
  • WIP – work in progress – an incomplete project

Stitching Supply:

Stitching Blogs I Love:

Pattern Shops: 

*I haven’t bought anything from this shop but it’s on my wish list!

Pattern and Technique Books:

  • All Our Yesterdays Cross Stitch Collection by Faye Whittaker
  • Cross-Stitch Treasures for Children by Joan Elliott
  • The Stitch Bible by Kate Haxell

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