WIP Wednesday: Heart of Christmas

Time for an update!  I set this cross stitch project down for May and most of June, but I’ve picked it up again over the past few weeks.  Previous posts about Heart of Christmas can be found here and here.

This is Heart of Christmas by Stoney Creek stitched over 2 on Stoney Creek Clear Sky Dyed Fabric 28 ct.

Heart of Christmas 7.15 4

overall progress as of today


Heart of Christmas 7.8.15 1

a closer look at Mr. Snowman


Heart of Christmas 7.15 2

patchwork heart


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Heart of Christmas

  1. chellie88 says:

    The colours in this are so beautiful and your stitches so neat, it makes me want to get off the internet and start stitching right this minute! Keep up the lovely work


  2. averyclaire says:

    Hi..your stitching is beautiful…so detailed. Love the organization of your floss keeper…it looks SO neat and tidy. Thanks for following my blog! Look forward to seeing more of your lovely work.


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